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N. Vivian


So we've kind of failed a bit recently when it comes to writing and to meetings. That's okay, we're only human and if we screw up now, hopefully we won't screw up later. Which is why I'm suggesting we take the rest of October off, too. At least until Sunday, Oct 28th (in the evening, please. The night before will be our Halloween party and I don't wanna get up early the next day!) Sunday, we meet to discuss our plot for November, our schedule, maybe an outline or character write-up, and get ourselves psyched up for Wednesday.

Then, in November, I propose we meet every weekend. Saturday or Sunday, it doesn't matter, but every weekend to bolster our flagging spirits, praise and perk up, etc etc. WE certainly don't have to go back an edit anything we discussed during the month, but afterwards, we'll have a good start on editing our novels after November.


The Grand Vizier
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